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What we do

Xpace Industrial is a dedicated manufacturer of hi-quality carbon-fiber bicycle products. This means that Xpace is 100% focused and experienced in bike products, an exacting science that requires a highly trained and skilled workforce.

We DO NOT manufacture tennis rackets, ski poles, golf shafts, badminton sets or baseball clubs! We leave those items to the general-purpose carbon sports factories.

Xpace Industrial runs a large and highly experienced Research and Development team and facility, from which many innovative manufacturing processes and technologies have come. Amongst these are:

  • Super -Smooth Wall™ ( SSW™ )
    High pressure bag-less compression curing ensures even composite compaction with fewer voids
  • SSW/2™
    Enhanced traditional curing method yet at a lower cost than full SSW™
  • Spoke Angle Drilling
    Asia's first carbon rim manufacturer with complete in-house "true-angle" spoke hole capability
  • Spoke Anchor Technique ( Patent Pending )
    Unique manufacturing process provides hole-free carbon rims. Stronger structure, lighter rim.

Progress through Innovation - Not Imitation

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