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SUBJECT Xpace Welcomes Toray
DATE 2010-11-22


Toray Industries, Inc (Japan) is the world’s largest producer of quality small tow carbon fiber with 2010 annual capacity estimated to reach 18,000 tonnes.
Toray – whose company mantra is “Innovation by chemistry” is regarded as the leading carbon fiber brand amongst experienced technologists and tech-savvy consumers alike.
Xpace Industrial was recently honored to be chosen by Toray to host 7 visiting senior engineers and product scientists from various Toray departments, including Advanced Composite Materials. The express aim of the visit was to gain understanding of the specific composite requirements of a leading specialist bicycle components manufacturing company like Xpace.
Toray were provided a complete tour and inspection of Xpace manufacturing facilities.
Having pioneered composite materials development for such goods as golf clubs, tennis racquets and even racing yachts, Toray now aim to focus their considerable expertise in developing new materials specifically tailored to the bicycle industry.
Xpace is honored to be chosen as a leading partner to cooperate in and facilitate this process.

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