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SUBJECT Carbon Nanotubes from Xpace Industrial
DATE 2009-05-25


Xpace has an established reputation for excellence in design and engineering of carbon composite bicycle components. Xpace is a specialist bicycle manufacturer based in Xiamen, China and does not produce general sporting goods.

Further technical innovations have recently followed on from their innovative SSW (Patented) bagless curing process which has been widely acclaimed. SSW cured frames are effectively ‘wrinkle-free’ and provide more uniform and precise compaction throughout the entire composite structure.

After 2 years of development with a leading European manufacturer of carbon nanotubes, Xpace are able to offer products with advanced CNT resins on a range of products. Xpace has gained Government approval to access a range of exotic Aerospace grade, Ultra High Modulus carbon materials from the leading Japanese manufacturer.

Two new framesets were showcased at the recent Taipei Cycle show. Both frames are from the 2010 A.D. range (Advanced Design) and will be available mid-late 2009. The FM-R838 – Features include BB30, asymmetric integrated headset with 1 ½” lower bearing, superlight monocoque carbon fork, semi-internal cabling, full carbon chainstays with one-point seatstay connection. Available in both ISP and regular seat tube versions and 6 sizes.

FM-833-TR derives from a 2 year development project with a leading European designer. This Triathlon/TT-specific frameset includes features such as aero-integrated fork to frame profiling, asymmetric headset, BB30, twin-position 78/75 seatpost, super thin- NACA profiled tubing. Xpace’s advanced curing technology enables profile edges as low as <R1.0 to be created. Available in 5 sizes.

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