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Not satisfied with the limitations of standard moulding processes using plastic"air-bag"technology.
XPACE has fully developed its world-patented SUPER SMOOTH-WALL™ ( SSW™ ) technology to a level where it is now used in the world`s finest frames, forks and wheel rims.
Traditionally-formed products which involve TIGHTLY CURVED INTERNAL SURFACES such as the bottom bracket, head tube, S/T junctions, etc. suffer from uneven compaction of the carbon fiber layers during the moulding process.
» Traditional “AIR-BAG” PROCESS
During inflation the plastic airbag cannot conform to the inner radius without creasing. Those creases lead to WRINKLES forming in the inner carbon fiber layers, as compaction pressure is uneven. WITHIN THESE WRINKLES, VOIDS FORM, LEADING TO DE-LAMINATION AND POTENTIAL PREMATURE STRESS FRACTURING.
Uneven compaction, voids evident, crooked sides.
» XPACE SMOOTH-WALL™ technology
XPACE SUPER SMOOTH-WALL™ technology does away with the plastic air-bag COMPLETELY. INTERNAL SURFACES ARE AS SMOOTH AND WRINKLE-FREE AS THE OUTER SURFACE. No wrinkles mean better conformity to the carbon layers and significantly reduced voids. REDUCED VOIDS MEAN GREATER STRENGTH AND MINIMUM RISK OF STRESS FRACTURE.
Uniform structure, no voids, smooth and parallel sides.
Laboratory simulation and tests on products using XPACE SUPER SMOOTH-WALL™ technology indicate a potential 10% - 30% increase in stiffness in critical-stress areas!
SUPER SMOOTH-WALL™ technology is just one of the many exciting technologies pioneered by XPACE.
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