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Spoke-Angle Dilling

Xpace are proudly recognized as providing the best carbon rims in the industry.
Ultra low weight yet durable, super-stiff and the highest spoke tension capability are only part of the picture.

Conventional straight-drilled rim spoke holes cause significant sideways forces onto the side of the hole as the wheel is laced and tensioned. Over time the rim will bulge and crack around these points as the spoke is loaded and unloaded in tension with each wheel rotation.

To totally remove the problem, every spoke hole should be perfectly aligned to match the lateral and radial angle required of the wheel hub for any given lacing pattern.

Xpace have recognized this common problem and have invested in Asia’s only fully automatic, hi-precision rim drilling machinery.

Xpace can drill any of their extensive range of full carbon rims to suite customers requirement for number of spoke holes, radial AND lateral angle offset to perfectly match almost any hub design.

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