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In-House Tooling

Unlike many of our carbon fiber products competitors who sub-contract to external general-purpose tooling shops, Xpace Industrial has invested heavily in it’s OWN FULLY- EQUIPPED MOULD-TOOLING MACHINERY DIVISION.


Covering some 6000 Sq ft, the in-house machine shop features all the very latest hi-precision machinery and equipment, including:
» 5 flat-bed CNC machines with up to 1.5metre capacity
» 4 precision and computer controlled lathes
» Electronic Discharge precise cutting equipment (EDM)


97% OF ALL THE REQUIRED TOOLING AND OTHER FERROUS PARTS (including bottom bracket shells, headset cups etc) are manufactured in-house. This guarantees:
» Faster development time,
» More precise and consistent quality.
» Total security of our clients proprietary designs.

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