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Advanced Materials

The basis of any good product is advanced design combined with the best available materials; specifically chosen for the task. Unfortunately the majority of carbon factories simply use materials that are commonly (and cheaply) available.

Not at Xpace! Our engineers are trained carbon experts. They constantly study the latest products from all of the leading carbon filament producers and use that knowledge to develop new materials in cooperation with a network of advanced resin pre-preg producers.

  • Flax and Flax+Carbon Pre-Preg

    Flax is a naturally fiberous plant that can be processed and woven using traditional techniques. Although the main mechanical properties of flax are lower than carbon fibers, flax is highly useful for it’s high damping and low density properties.
    At the optimum orientation, flax fibers can provide up to 4X the vibration damping of regular carbon.
    Flax may also be woven (refer photo) with carbon fiber to achieve a material that has properties specifically required where high strength and enhanced damping are beneficial.
    Research into the use of flax fiber pre-pregs for bicycle components has been ongoing for the past 2 years, making Xpace the world leader in this technology.
     Xpace is the only composite  bike components manufacturer that was chosen to develop a complete range of flax/carbon framesets for a premium European brand.

  • Carbon Nanotube Technology (CNT)
    Held out to be the ‘next big thing’ in carbon engineering for the past several years, the true advantages of CNT reinforced structures have, until now, not been realized in the bicycling industry. The basic problem is overcoming the
    natural tendency for carbon nanotubes to coagulate into lumps. In this form they have little to no benefit.

    For the past 2 years Xpace have been working with Europe’s leading Nanotube research and manufacturing company. The result is that Xpace are now able to offer specific CNT reinforced products where the nanotubes are evenly dispersed, and of measurable benefit.

    No more marketing hype! Real product enhancement, but ONLY at Xpace.
  • Thermal Carbon
    Standard carbon pre-pregs used throughout the bicycle industry are good thermal insulators; One reason why the development of the world’s first fully functional and reliable carbon clincher has been so prolonged.

    So why not develop a carbon material that can conduct heat similar to alloy? Impossible – not at Xpace!

    Working with our carbon engineering colleagues in Japan, Xpace now have exclusive access to a highly exotic material custom-made for specific bicycle component applications.

Xpace – the Future of carbon fiber!

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